Christmas Church Party Games

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Christmas church party games are great for children's Sunday School class parties. The holiday season offers all types of party game ideas perfect for church gatherings.

You can start with some ideas below and all the party-goers will have a great time.

Have a look at these Christmas church party games, for your event.

This game takes a bit of time to prepare but it is well worth the effort and even the adults will love it. In fact, you might make this a Christmas event for your church.

Bethlehem Walk:

  • Think about the way things were when Christ was born.

  • Children played with dirndls (small wooden tops that can be made or found on the Internet at low cost), some men created fishing nets for a living, carpentry was a common job, farm animals were sold at market. Unleavened bread was eaten.

  • Pottery jars were containers.

  • Collect some of these objects and arrange them along the party area, preferably outdoors.

  • Let the children see how a dirndl is used, how a net is made, and if possible, have a sheep or goat they can pet.

  • Have bread to taste and a pottery jar (that is safe for drinking) to pour a bit of juice for each child.

  • At the end of the walk through Bethlehem, have a nativity scene with Baby Jesus and a tree with a large star on top.

The children will love the experience. If you do some research, you can carry this project out on a large scale and invite the entire town to join the Christmas church party.

Christmas Quiz:

This game is great for younger children who are just learning the Christmas story well.

  • A small prize should be awarded for each correct answer.

  • Questions should suit the age of the children playing but could include things such as "What is the name of Jesus' mother?", "Where was Jesus born", "How many wise men came?" and so on.

  • If necessary, give some clues to be sure each child wins a prize.

Angel Feathers:

  • If the party is held outdoors or in a place that is easy to clean up after, obtain a bunch of white feathers to represent angel feathers.

  • Place them in a large plastic bag closed in a manner it can be released quickly from a high place.

  • Let the angel feathers fall while the children play in them.

  • Give each child a small zip-lock bag to take some angel feathers home with them.

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